prof. JUDr. Zdeněk Češka, CSc.

Founding partner

Lawyers, by providing legal counsel, are indispensable in the protection of citizens and legal entities.

Zdeněk Češka’s primary area of expertise is civil procedure. He co-authored the original draft of the 1963 Code of Civil Procedure and has been involved in the preparation of numerous other laws and regulations. His past work outside the legal profession is mainly associated with Charles University in Prague, where he was a professor. It was here that he began his professional career as a lecturer, subsequently going on to hold the position of vice-dean and then dean of the Faculty of Law. In 1973, he was appointed vice-rector of Charles University, and in 1976 he became its rector, a position he held for fourteen years. In Los Angeles in 1985, he was elected one of two vice-presidents of the Paris-based International Association of Universities, the leading global association of higher education institutions and organisations, for a five-year term. He has authored or co-authored many textbooks and commentaries on the Code of Civil Procedure and the Civil Code, along with dozens of scholarly books and articles. In addition to his post as vice-rector, Zdeněk Češka held the office of director of the Institute of State and Law of the Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences. Subsequently, as rector of Charles University, he joined the Praesidium of the Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences. He has received an honoris causa doctorate from four foreign universities. He has been awarded the Gold Medal of Charles University and the Silver Medal of the Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences for services to science and humanity.