Mgr. Matěj Dědina

Legal team leader

Client satisfaction is not the measure, but the benefit of a legal service. A successful lawyer must therefore be able to come up with a comprehensible proposal that will help to resolve the client’s problems in a situation where there are legal, economic, social or media complications.

Matěj Dědina arrived at our firm from the public sector, having previously worked for the Cabinet of the Prime Minister at the Office of the Government and serving as a legislative assistant to a member of the European Parliament in Brussels. Since joining our firm in 2018, Matěj has specialised in advising the banking sector and in implementing European and national legislation and trends into clients’ internal structures (compliance). In 2020, he became the head of a legal team focusing, among other things, on the link between law and economics, in particular on strategic counselling provided to multinational corporations and entities operating at the nexus between private and public law. Matěj is a graduate of the Faculty of Law of Charles University in Prague.