Mgr. Jan Sůra

Partner and attorney-at-law

A lawyer's job is not only to find legal solutions to a problem; there are always several. The ability to choose the appropriate and correct solution for the client is essential. There is usually only one.

Jan Sůra started working at our firm while he was still a student at the Faculty of Law of Charles University in Prague. He completed a placement at a European economic interest grouping in Brussels, where he facilitated clients’ direct contact with European Union institutions. Ever since he started his career, one area on which Jan has focused is the provision of legal services and advice to clients in strategic sectors such as the automotive industry, banking and rail transport. Jan has earned numerous prestigious awards. In 2016, he was named among the top talents in the Lawyer of the Year competition and in 2017 he was recognised as one of the most innovative lawyers of the year. Jan’s portfolio also includes combining analytical work on public-interest cases with media consultancy. He also concentrates on the development of legal services and the creation of new legal products.



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